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A results-driven Internet marketing company offering SEO, PPC and Web Design services to help you:

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You want a return on your investment. You want that quickly. We have taken clients from zero traffic per day to over 4000 unique visitors.

There are no shortcuts to take. No little secret tricks that will get you ranking in a few days. You want your SEO done properly and without fear of a Google Penalty.

GoldfishSEO - SEO Company Brisbane provides Affordable SEO Services to the Brisbane area. Quality, Affordable and safe.

Our Key Strategies

About GoldfishSEO

Firstly, Why Goldfish?

Everyone wants everything now, instantly. And, it is said that most people have an attention span of a Goldfish, 8secs. Therefore nobody spends time looking through the Search Engine Pages, they just click the top. So that is where people have to be, the top.

The Team in The Bowl

We have a small team of dedicated professionals that work at GoldfishSEO. Yep we are not the biggest fish in the pond, but we are mighty. We keep our client base small, in order to dedicate our time to them. We do everything ourselves and do not outsource.

The Boss

Paula is head of GoldfishSEO and keeps everyone in line. Takes care of accounts and makes sure the office runs smoothly. 

A customer Service professional, she honed her skills working in the airline industry for 15yrs.

SEO Guru

Antony, the SEO guru of the bunch. He takes care of On-Site Audits, On-Site Technical work, Sales and Marketing and making the bosses tea.

He has worked for 16yrs in marketing at large and small companies. Including HSBC, Treedom and Faze-Five.

The Website Ninja

Jimmy is the elusive website Ninja, hiding away in dark corners building websites and attempting to hack Bill Gates, in his off time.

As a Ninja, of course his life is secret, but he likes to spend his time with family, like all good Ninja’s do. 

The Content & Backlink Guy

Chris is the man that writes all the content for GoldfishSEO’s clients. A native English speaker, accomplished teacher and all round good guy.

He has been writing for some of the largest companies around such as, Shell and Acteus.

Content & SEO

Marisa is the lady that provides the perfect copy for our clients websites that require monthly blogging or on-site content. Including keyword research.

She was Head of Mkt at a legal firm, before being lured awayby promises of Glamour and Riches.

PPC Guru

Gary is the head of PPC and the level headed one of the gang. Tends to keep his cool when all around are loosing it. Knows his way around Google!

He has been working in Marketing since leaving Uni 4yrs ago.

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