Boosting Visibility for 'Colourderma', an Australian Skincare Provider, with Tailored Content Marketing Solutions

Colourderma is a leading Australian skincare provider based in Brisbane.

The company is renowned for providing top-tier skincare products that effectively address skin conditions such as vitiligo. Despite having a compelling product line, Colorderma found it challenging to connect with their audience and provide ongoing, engaging content to their clients. This is where GoldfishSEO stepped in.


Colourderma faced several key challenges:

Colourderma faced several key challenges:

  1. Limited online visibility: Despite having high-quality skincare products, Colorderma struggled with its digital footprint, especially in reaching the right audience who were seeking solutions for skin conditions like vitiligo.

  2. Lack of consistent and quality content: Colourderma lacked the resources to consistently generate high-quality, informative content for their blogs and newsletters. This inconsistency in communication led to lower customer engagement.

  3. Need for expertise in SEO-optimized content: The client understood the importance of SEO but didn’t have the necessary in-house expertise to leverage it effectively.

Our Approach

After understanding Colourderma’s unique challenges, GoldfishSEO formulated a comprehensive content marketing strategy to address these issues.

  1. Content Creation: GoldfishSEO started by providing a steady stream of high-quality, engaging, and informative blogs for Colorderma’s website. We focused on various topics related to skincare, the importance of targeted treatments, and addressing the concerns of those dealing with skin conditions such as vitiligo.

  2. SEO Optimization: Each blog post was optimized with SEO best practices to improve Colourderma’s online visibility. We researched relevant keywords and seamlessly integrated them into the blog posts, ensuring the content was both user-friendly and search engine friendly.

  3. Monthly Newsletters: GoldfishSEO also developed monthly newsletters with captivating content to retain existing clients and attract new ones. These newsletters showcased new products, shared skincare tips, and informed subscribers about the latest blog posts, thereby driving more traffic to the website.

Colourderma - Secrets to Boosting Visibility | GoldfishSEO 2023


The collaboration between Colourderma and GoldfishSEO yielded significant results.

  1. Increased Website Traffic: In six months, the consistent publication of blog posts led to a 60% increase in organic website traffic.

  2. Improved Engagement: With the introduction of monthly newsletters, Colourderma experienced a 35% increase in customer engagement, as measured by email opens, click-throughs, and user interactions on their website.

  3. Enhanced Visibility: The SEO-optimized blogs successfully enhanced Colorderma’s visibility on search engines. The website began ranking for numerous relevant keywords, and the client’s overall SERP rankings improved substantially.

  4. Expanded Customer Base: As a result of the improved online visibility and engaging content, Colourderma reported a 20% increase in their customer base.

Our partnership with Colourderma showcases the transformative power of quality, SEO-optimized content. The process wasn’t just about providing content; it was about creating a communication channel between Colorderma and its audience. With the right strategies, even the most niche businesses can significantly improve their visibility and customer engagement.

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