Content Is Dead, Long Live Content Marketing!

It was Bill Gates who wrote an essay in the early ’90s entitled ‘content is king’ whilst CEO of Microsoft, a phrase that has been used time and again.
Content Is dead

What is the best form for your online content

 It was Bill Gates who wrote an essay in the early ’90s entitled ‘content is king’ whilst CEO of Microsoft, a phrase that has been used time and again. In the Essay, he was stating that Content Marketing would become one of the biggest factors out there in this new thing called “the Internet”. He said that people would be wanting fresh content of News and Information daily.

Bill, was wrong… People actually want fresh information and content instantly, daily just would not cut it in today’s fast-paced world. Good content is making people thought leaders in their chosen fields. But it’s even more than that, its keeping brands relevant. If you are not producing content regularly, to keep people informed or engaged, then you are already falling behind.

Content is Dead, Long Live Content Marketing 2021

So here are some tips on how you can create compelling content for your customers and potential clients.

The headline.

It starts with getting that headline right. Attention-grabbing headlines that are relevant to your post and make people sit up, is where it all starts. Why do you think authors take so long in deciding the title of a book? It needs to portray the whole article within a few short words. Those words need to spring out of the phone as the person scrolls with their thumb, whilst sat on the early morning commute to work.

The Visuals

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Then there is the graphic, picture, or multi-media artwork. Along with a great headline you need to have a visual to go along with it. This is especially relevant to social media marketing. If you see a post with a good piece of graphic design work attached to it, you are 10 times more likely to stop scrolling and look. Good pictures and graphic designers are worth the money you should be paying for them. Of course, if you are able to add a video to your content, even better. Globally, it’s a mighty 91{07aeb3e088fba5dc1960c721c5a2bf8be9c51a473d1709b9c9c647e1abcf8a4d} of internet users who are watching online videos each month, while 44{07aeb3e088fba5dc1960c721c5a2bf8be9c51a473d1709b9c9c647e1abcf8a4d} are watching vloggers and a further 39{07aeb3e088fba5dc1960c721c5a2bf8be9c51a473d1709b9c9c647e1abcf8a4d} are listening in to podcasts.

The Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story, and everyone loves a good storyteller. When you start out writing your content make sure that you have a compelling story to tell. Have an important and promising introduction. Any advice/educating middle and an end that leaves a little question. Ever wondered how quickly you can make a judgment about an article or post? Like you maybe did with this one. Most people probably decide within the first few sentences if the post is worth reading or not. Tell users why they should care and what you’ll be discussing. Make them want to read it.

Make Your Content Answer Questions

Your customers are searching for answers. They are looking for answers on questions about your industry, product, or service. You need to fill that gap, its how they found you in the first place. If your content answers the questions posed, you’ll likely find your site at the top of search results for the very customers you’re trying to reach. Basic information about your business just won’t do. Don’t get me wrong here, don’t tell them everything, but give them enough information so they know you are the expert in your field.

Thought Leadership

Content marketing establishes thought leadership, and it’s those that are seen as leaders in their chosen field who are able to push their brand to the top. Educating people with good quality copy is essential to establishing thought leadership. Blog posts, videos, or other content will help you dominate in search results.

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People want to hear from experts in the areas they have questions about. They want to be educated. Not so they can do it themselves, but so they can be confident and trust the person with whom they are dealing with, knows what they are doing. Good quality, well-constructed content marketing can deliver that trust. But do leave readers with questions. This doesn’t mean you have to have an incomplete post, but rather to include questions that make readers reflect on how they can implement the knowledge you provided.

Communication is the key to great content marketing

Good written copy speaks to people. It doesn’t preach or sell. It communicates with its audience on the same level. And good communication between two people is all about listening and responding to what that person is telling you. And that’s what great content marketing really is.

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There is no point in throwing out content on a daily basis if nobody is interested in what you are saying. You need to listen to your targeted audience first and then respond to them with content marketing that will reach them and garner a response back. Ask the questions, read the data, find out what they actually want to hear about, and then discuss.

Content marketing has the power to engage customers, instilling trust as they consider whether to buy from you. The customers who regularly read the content you create are more likely to feel a personal connection to your brand than those who merely see you as a business logo and website. No matter if it’s a blog, website content, vlog, podcast, SlideShare, or Facebook post, it gives you an opportunity to connect with your customers. Use it!

So, what's your thoughts? Let us know

Content will always be king, but it’s how we deliver that content and the methods in which we deliver it that is changing. So the headline should really read, ‘Old Content is dead, Long Live New Relevant and Well-Constructed Content marketing’!

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