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I love dogs, You love dogs. The concept is really simple.

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I want to see an end to the suffering that the Dog Meat Trade in South East Asia causes to my furry friends. I want to end the dog meat festivals in China and South Korea. 

Soi Dog Foundation of Thailand helps this to happen with actions. Let’s help them succeed.

Help Stop The Dog Meat Trade Across South East Asia

Soi Dog Foundation (Soi Dog) was established in 2003 in Phuket, Thailand, to help the street dogs and cats who had no-one else to care for them. Over 70,000 strays roamed the island, with the numbers growing alarmingly due to a lack of spay and neuter programmes to control the population. Soi Dog was created to provide a humane and sustainable solution to managing the stray population and to address their medical needs. Funding then, as it does now, came entirely from individuals who shared, and continue to share, the vision of our founders.

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GoldfishSEO and Soi Dogs Thailand

GoldfishSEO has been a regular contributor to the Soi Dog Foundation since 2010. We do this through monthly donations of dog sponsorship and we have adopted 3 dogs ourselves.

Lucy, Jake and Maggie are all from the Soi Dog shelter in Bangkok, Thailand.

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