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We are the only dedicated SEO Expert in Brisbane, to offer Content Delivery and Local SEO in one package. We are Brisbane’s #1 Affordable SEO Agency.

Content – We are the Only SEO Company Brisbane to offer Content with SEO Package
Local SEO – Google Maps Optimization is included within our SEO Packages
SEO -if it comes under the scope of SEO its included in the price

Our SEO Clients

SEO Case Studies

400% Year on Year Growth in Traffic For Blacksmith Supplies shop Brisbane

Sekao Engineering got in touch with GoldfishSEO as they had struggled to attract organic traffic to their website.

86% increase in Visibility Across Search Engines

J. Rotbart & Co. Asked GoldfishSEO to increase the company’s visibility across Singapore and Hong Kong.

SEO Search Engine Facts


of search engine traffic goes to the #1 top ranked result on the page


of search engine users only check the first 5 results


of search engine users only check the first page of results

You need an SEO Company Brisbane That Generates returns

SEO Company Brisbane, Awesome SEO Experts in Geebung Brisbane 2021
SEO Company Brisbane, Awesome SEO Experts in Geebung Brisbane 2021

Our customized SEO plans use the most up to date cutting-edge tactics and effective SEO strategies.

No short cuts, no tricks, just good hard honest work. We have no use for shady ‘Black Hat’ SEO practices at this SEO agency.

As an SEO Company Brisbane, Local Businesses look to us to drive up their visibility and increase traffic. We provide everything including high-quality link building for businesses in all industries, large or small. 

At GoldfishSEO, we have mastered both the art and science of producing qualified leads. 

As a proven SEO Brisbane Company and SEO Expert. We understand our roll is about getting your business in front of relevant prospective customers.

We provide you support to get that done. And see this as a partnership in boosting your business.

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Proven Strategies

Proven strategies for measuring, executing and optimizing for Search Engine success. We say what we do and do what we say.

Speed Of Success

SEO requires patience. However, we will work with you to build a strategy that will give you results, in as little as 90 days.

Transparency in Execution

We provide complete transparency in all that we do. Providing monthly conferences and reports to ensure you know exactly what’s happening with your campaign.

Why You Need SEO Brisbane Services

Search engines, such as google, Bing and Yahoo want to do the very best for their users. Every user of a search engine goes there to ask a question.

Therefore, it is your job as a Website owner or the job of your SEO provider, to make sure your website is the very best resource to answer that question for that particular user. That is what SEO is for.

As an SEO Brisbane Company, we understand this and we are always looking to try and take advantage of every legitimate angle to grow your traffic and your business.

All of our SEO activities are considered ‘White Hat’, which means we stay within Search Engine SEO guidelines. No ‘Black Hat SEO Here. So you can be assured of Safe SEO with no Google Penalties

A Few More SEO Facts


of search engine traffic Ends in a click On Mobile devices


of search engine users are using Voice search on a range of devices


of website traffic comes from search engines

SEO Company Brisbane

You are probably looking for help with digital marketing for your company, and therefore did a search for SEO Company Brisbane, digital marketing agency brisbane, or similar.

Which is proof that SEO works. You may wish to increase your Search Engine Visibility, or looking to Attract Organic Traffic. Google alone serves over 2 trillion searches a year. And 93% of all web traffic is served through Search Engines.

All For One Price

So if you’re selling products and services online, it’s important that your website appears as high up the search engine results as possible. 

Contact GoldfishSEO today. We are the #1 SEO company Brisbane. We are dedicated SEO experts. We are the only SEO company in Brisbane that provides High-Quality Content, SEO, and Local SEO for one price.

How We SEO Your Website

For Brisbane SEO Services, It all Starts with The Audit

As soon as you come on board with this SEO Company Brisbane. GoldfishSEO run a series of audits both on-site and off-site. This determines the level of SEO your current site has and how we are to proceed. 

Once completed we run a complete keyword research analysis, including search volumes. This can be 100’s of keywords. We will determine then what are the ‘Focus’ keywords and what are secondary. We check your current rankings against them. And see where we can get quick easy wins for traffic. As well as keywords that have high competition which will take us longer to achieve page #1 rankings with.

Finally we then conduct competitor research. Seeing where you are against your competitors within your focus keywords. This will give us the best information on how to go about beating your competition to the relevant traffic and revenue.

Build a Strategy Together, That Works!

Once the SEO Audits on your website have taken place and the keyword research is complete. It’s at this point the GoldfishSEO – SEO Company Brisbane team will have a good understanding of what it will take to get you ranked on the 1st page for keywords that will build your traffic, visibility and revenue. And, more importantly, how to get you there.

GoldfishSEO and you, together will build a strategy that will work for you, both in time and budget. SEO is a game of patience and this must be taken into account as we set realistic milestones and expectations.

GoldfishSEO is a ‘White Hat’ SEO Agency. And will always follow the Google guidelines so that we do not fall foul of either, google penalties or future Google algorithm changes.

Implement the strategy to achieve yours goals, monthly

As stated earlier, we are the only SEO Company Brisbane that offers SEO, Content and Local SEO as a single package. With our strategy of SEO On-site work, Link Building and Content creation decided and agreed to. It is time to implement the first two initial stages of on-site work and content creation.

Most SEO on-site Technical, conversion rate optimisation and or, User Experience(UX) changes will happen within the 1st month. This is so we can make sure the site is ready and SEO friendly in order to bring traffic and get Google to index and start the ranking process.

Content creation and off-site SEO normally starts in month two, due to the amount of work that is required in the 1st month for On-site. Content is discussed and agreed one month in advance, this is so we can take advantage of any changes within your industry immediately. Therefore having an up to date blog regarding said changes, whilst still fresh.

Backlinking is provided at the agreed rate and depending on your current back-link profile, as agreed in your strategy.


Analyse and adapt to the changing Search Engine landscape. Report monthly to you, so you can determine if we are providing you with a +ROI

Every month ends with a conversation

The biggest part of a SEO Company Brisbane’s job is to look at the data and analyse it for changes. We need to be able to understand that SEO data so that we can adapt the ongoing SEO to the changes that are required. That SEO data then is condensed in to actionable tasks, and adapted into the the following months SEO Strategy.

GoldfishSEO at the end of each month will present a full report detailing what was done on your website, how many backlinks where curated and the crunched down data to let you know the plan moving forward. 

The monthly SEO reports, are presented in person, or on a zoom call. All data, information regarding your site and the monthly SEO reports will be kept within Google drive so that you have full access to them at all times.

All SEO data sources such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, specifically designed for SEO will be under your ownership. Again so you have full access and control of your SEO Data. This way you can keep an eye on KPI’s, goals and SEO milestones.


Most frequent questions and answers

SEO or Search Engine Optimization – is the process of getting a web page and ultimately the whole website to rank higher in the search engine pages (SERPs).  Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo provide this service for free. It’s our job as an SEO to make your website fit, with the aim of increasing unpaid traffic to that page.

SEO in Brisbane, just like anywhere else is not a static process, and certainly is not the same for every site. SEO agencies have a framework and rules that need to be followed. It has a set of processes that are used to achieve the aim. We break them down into 3 categories:

  • On-site Technical SEO: The process we use to apply the rules to your website to make sure that it is technically ready to face the search engines and your visitors. It includes making sure that search engines can crawl, index, and rank your website without any issues.
  • Content: This is the most overlooked area when trying to Seo a website. When, it is the most important part. Content is the major foundation on which to build a high-ranking website and building traffic. Build content within main pages and then through blogging to fill in any content gaps.
  • Off-Site SEO: Backlinking is a way to build trust and authority to your website. Google relies upon you having a solid backlink profile so it can gauge to trust you or not. However, it should not be the only avenue you travel to promote your site. It should one part of a larger strategy so that your website can rank higher in search results.

Our team of SEO Company Brisbane Experts can help you with all aspects of SEO to ensure you maximize your rankings and ensure your website not only looks great but delivers!

Google serves up over 3.8 million searches per min. That comes out to 228 million searches per hour, 5.6 billion searches per day, or 2 trillion searches per year! However, only 0.2% of that spend any time beyond page 1. In today’s current marketplace, how the world is during covid-19 and the possible aftermath. A high-ranking website becomes a real must, not just a want.

If you run a business in Brisbane and wish to remain competitive then you NEED SEO, from an SEO company Brisbane SEO expert. From improving your online presence, building trust in your brand, improving your website, increasing traffic, and ultimately increasing revenue. SEO should be the bedrock of any online marketing strategy. Contact GoldfishSEO the #1 SEO Company Brisbane.

To simplify this and to not get bogged down into a technical rant, a backlink is a link from a website that refers to your website. A to B, so to speak. They point to you and say hey, this is a place you should visit and check-out. There are many forms of backlinks and all are considered by Google in various degrees:

  1. Sponsored – A link you have paid for de-noted with a rel”sponsored tag
  2. UGC – User generated content link, a link that a user on a forum has added, normally de-noted with re”UGC tag
  3. DoFollow – Links within articles with this tag tell Google to follow this link to a These links pass “Rank Juice” to the receiving website.
  4. NoFollow – A link with this tag can still be followed by search engines, who will determine if relevant for your website and count accordingly. Can still pass rank juice.

Therefore, when search engines visit that page (for indexing) and finds that link buried within the content, the search engine crawl bot will follow the link to your page. If that referring website has good authority, it can pass some of that to your website. This then becomes a means of determining the overall value of your website. However, it isn’t all about any old link. You need to have good relevant links from good solid websites. Indeed, the quality of your links and the quality of the links attached to the referrer, are key determinants in how your page’s rank.

What makes a good link is a whole 2000-word blog post. Suffice to say that the more relevant & quality backlinks you have, the higher the search engines will perceive the importance, and as a result rank more favourably. If you would like to know more about Backlinks, then contact the #1 SEO expert and SEO Company Brisbane. We would be very happy to help.

Of course – Nobody knows all the key ranking algorithms for ranking a website on the search engines. But that doesn’t stop people from telling others that they do. However, studies have been done by companies such as SEMrush, MOZ and Ahref’s among others to try and figure it out. Below is a list of the main SEO factors:
1) Direct website visits
2) Average time on site
3) Pages per session
4) Bounce rate
5) Total referring domains
5) Total backlinks
5) Total referring IPs
5) Total follow-backlinks
9) Content length
10) Website security (HTTPS)
11) Total anchors
12) Keyword in anchor
12) Keyword in body
12) Keyword density
12) Keyword in title
12) Keyword in meta
17) Video on page

This is just a small list of possible key SEO ranking factors and many of them are still up for debate. Not only that, but search engines change them all the time, so its best to have an expert around to keep an eye on how these things are changing. If you are interested, you can get more details about this ranking factors study. Alternatively, you can contact the #1 SEO Company Brisbane, and we can you navigate it all.

Try and create content that focuses on a single specific word or a keyword phrase, and variations of that keyword or phrase known as secondary or Symantec keywords. This then tells search engines what you want this page to be found for. However, you should make sure you don’t overdo it. Any more than 3% of your overall content will be classed as keyword overstuffing. Google and the rest are very clever at working out when you’re overloading using the penguin algorithm. Places to insert your keywords that will help you rank include:

– Page Title
– Page Description
– Body Content
– Blog articles
– Formatted Text (bullet points; bold text)
– Graphics & Image alt attributes

The best thing to do in this scenario is to contact us at GoldfishSEO, the #1 SEO company Brisbane.

I may well have said this before, but it deserves say again. Yes, content on a website is the bedrock to which to base your website SEO strategy. It should not be understated as the foundation of SEO. The idea is that overtime your content will start producing its own backlinks. By this I mean, people will link to you naturally. You should create good original content monthly to a blog on your website. Content creation is the best option to both boost your SEO, increase Education for your customers and power up your sales.

A good SEO will provide you with a solid keyword research document at the start of your campaign. Which will have 100’s of relevant keywords and their secondary keywords. These will most likely contain ‘Long Tail Keywords’ too. You cannot target all of them on the main pages, such as the About, Home or services pages. Therefore, you will have content gaps that will need filling. We do these using blogs positioned within the website. These will target ‘low hanging fruit’ that we can gain quick hits for increased traffic.

This will boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers’ questions, that might be directly displayed on google search as well. To better understand this and to make the most from it, please call us, we are the #1 SEO company Brisbane has to offer.

The SEO expert in me wants to scream YES! However, the real answer I should be giving is; that blogging isn’t just a means of improving SEO but should be seen as a way of educating your customer base and any new customers. It will help develop and strengthen your relationships with those customers, and reinforce your role as an industry leader, and expert in your field. Notwithstanding the opportunity your visitors will have to share your content. Further helping your brand awareness. We have specialist copywriters within our team here at GoldfishSEO, the #1 SEO company Brisbane. We can help you build content quickly with your SEO and client/customer education in mind

Because SEO is in constant flux with algorithm changes as Search Engines include new technical advances and try and improve the quality for searchers. It makes SEO a constantly evolving science. Therefore, you shouldn’t end SEO and there is always room for improvement and the need to move forward with best practices. Should you stop, it will take a few months to fall off the top but fall off you will. Your competitors want that top spot as much as you do. In the 16yrs I have been practicing SEO, I have seen lots of changes, mostly for the better. However, two key changes we have seen over the last few of years are:

  • mobile phones have become the predominant device, and mobile search inquiries are set to dominate. Not only, therefore, you need to ensure that your website is designed for both the small and large screen, but also for every screen in between. Google now looks at and assesses your website on a smartphone. So speed on the mobile becomes paramount, along with mobile site navigation,

Technical SEO, that involves optimizing everything about your website that is not content, is becoming ever more important and we recommend you get an audit of your site to ensure it is technically optimized.

Contact GoldfishSEO. We are the #1 SEO company Brisbane. We are dedicated SEO experts that will make sure you rank at the top within 90 days. Call us now

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