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The Client

ZeroFrenzy Studios is a creative studio founded by 3D artist Alex Bell, located in Bangkok, Thailand. Alex’s passion lies in creating game engine environments, specifically weapons and vehicles, where the focus is on the composition and texture of each item. ZeroFrenzy Studios has a mission to provide their clients with high-quality 3D models that meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations. With Alex’s expertise in 3D art, ZeroFrenzy Studios has gained recognition for delivering outstanding work that showcases their attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

The Objective

GoldfishSEO was tasked by the client, ZeroFrenzy Studios, to build a website for them. The website was designed in a modern parallax portfolio style, with black as the main color base and red as the accent color. The aim was to create a visually stunning and dynamic website that reflected the client’s business and appealed to potential customers. GoldfishSEO worked diligently to deliver a high-quality website that met the client’s requirements and expectations.


The Challenge

Creating a WordPress website can present various challenges, including meeting design requirements, balancing color schemes, ensuring mobile responsiveness, and search engine optimization. The project commissioned by ZeroFrenzy Studios for GoldfishSEO encountered similar challenges. Despite these obstacles, GoldfishSEO overcame them by leveraging their expertise, delivering a successful website that satisfied the client’s needs.

The Project

GoldfishSEO created a custom-built WordPress website for ZeroFrenzy Studios that features a complete UI and UX design, built using the Elementor page builder and incorporating numerous features. GoldfishSEO also provided the full website content and on-site SEO as part of the package. Hosting and one year of maintenance were also included in the project. The final outcome was a stunning and dynamic website that was user-friendly, mobile responsive, and optimized for search engines, delivering a satisfying user experience to visitors and meeting the client’s requirements.


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